Battle of Leader (BOL)

With realistic stories, high quality visual designs, infrastructures such as Unreal Engine and Amazon GameLift, Battle of Leader aims to build a brand-new bridge between the online gaming industry and NFT.

Some NFT projects may be poor at community communication and interaction. If the project's management and developers do not communicate regularly and openly with the Battle community, it may lose users' trust and affect the long-term success of the project.

Battle Of Leader was built on a completely sustainable ecosystem and was developed with the idea of creating a brand-new ecosystem in the field of NFT. Players encounter other players on a large map, and they fight for survival. The map contains a region that shrinks over time, which requires players to make strategic moves and survive in a competitive environment.

Battle Of Leader is a Battle Royale style shooter and survival game. In the game, players struggle to survive by competing with other players.

In-Game Item System: Players can purchase various items in-game using the BOL token. These items include weapons, armor, characters, and other in-game items. The BOL token is used to buy, trade and sell in-game assets. Players can enhance their gaming experience by collecting and customizing in-game assets.

Community and Social Functions: Wenix encourages interaction between players. Players can team up with their friends, chat and interact within the community using other social functions. This allows players to share the gaming experience and to play together.

For the trading of NFT characters, it will be possible to use the Wenix token, which the platform will offer as a token.

There is no difference between the characters in the game, meaning that character types will not affect the game arithmetic. Players can customize the characters they own by purchasing clothes and costumes from the store section.

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