Wenix Ecosystem

Wenix started with the idea of a unique ecosystem. It was established as a platform where all players can win and play fairly. Wenix is leading a paradigm shift in the NFT and crypto industry with its unique revenue model.

We will win together with all our stakeholders, with the motto of fair play – fair earnings. In all our projects, we will disclose our income and expense statements, detailed statistics and reports with transparency. We will create the ecosystem of the future, not today or tomorrow.

As a revenue model, we do not accept direct payments from players to Wenix!

Wenix revenue models will be as follows;

Commission fees from all NFT assets sold in the Market section

Wenix will generate a maximum income of 10% over the sales prices of all NFT assets sold in the Market section. All NFT assets sold in the Market; will consist of in-game awards, designs that independent developers and designers add to the sales list in the market section.

Key sales fees collected to unlock in-game rewards

Players will need to purchase keys to unlock the NFT rewards they earn in-game. In-game drops will be in 3 different categories. There are simple drops, gold drops and platinum drops. Key selling prices will gradually increase based on drop levels. It is directly proportional to the value of the NFT assets within the drop levels.

Obligation to pay the rental fees of in-game advertising areas with Wenix coins

Wenix will provide online advertising services in all of its projects. ads; It will be implemented and displayed in in-game vehicles, billboards, and custom asset designs. Apart from these areas, different work areas such as buildings, stores and vehicles can be created within the scope of large advertising campaigns.

Advertisers will only pay with Wenix tokens.

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