Our Solutions

First of all, Wenix is built on a sustainable business model. Today, we think that many blockchain-based projects marketed and published in the world are not sustainable as a business model. We see that our competitors do not rely on regularly recurring and predictable platform revenues in terms of the sustainability of the financial rewards that they declare to distribute in their projects and/or the distributed financial rewards. In this context, Wenix has accepted the financial adequacy to fulfill all the promises it has made to its investors and stakeholders as a priority and an essential condition.

Decentralized Game Economy: Wenix offers a decentralized game economy. Ownership and transactions of assets are carried out securely using blockchain technology and smart contracts. This gives players full control and transparency, and it allows them to turn their assets into real-world value.

NFT-Based Assets: Wenix ensures that in-game assets are NFT-based. This means that players can collect unique and rare digital assets. Players can purchase, trade and collect unique weapons, characters and other items within the game.

Player Driven Economy: Wenix rewards players for their in-game success and performance. Players can earn more Wenix tokens by participating in in-game events, tournaments and competing with other players. This encourages players to actively participate in the in-game economy and increases community interaction.

Integrated Game Market: Wenix offers gamers an integrated game market. Players can sell their own assets, or they can buy from other players. This allows players to trade in-game assets into real-world value.

Developer and Community Collaboration: Wenix values developer and community collaboration. Developers can create and integrate their own NFT-based assets into the game, and the community can actively contribute with new ideas, feedback and suggestions. This ensures that the game is constantly evolving and supported by the community.

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