Wenix gives its participants the rights to produce, buy, sell and trade their own content in the projects. Thus, it offers a unique marketplace environment. It allows users to earn not only by playing games, but also as a developer. According to the data we obtained from our market research, we consider it an opportunity that our BOL project and similar themed “Survival” games have a pool of more than 1 billion specialized players. We believe that the target audience should be who has achieved their own economic independence, but joins the Battle Of Leader platform as customers by creating groups of friends in their spare time, and we believe that they should be at the center of our marketing efforts.

In another case that we consider as an opportunity, players living in developing countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria, Vietnam and Turkey and players who want to earn additional income will also be inclined to benefit from the opportunities provided by our project. Blockchain provides an equitable and accessible financial system in which revenues can be generated through rewards.

Growth Potential in Crypto Gaming Industry: The crypto gaming industry is growing rapidly and presents a great opportunity for investors. Wenix is involved in this growing industry, and offering investors the opportunity to tap into the potential of crypto games and digital assets.

Token Value Increase: The Wenix token can be a store of value used between players and investors. As the game gains popularity, the value of the Wenix token may increase, allowing investors to value their token.

Project Growth Potential: We believe Wenix has great potential for growth. With new games and collaborations, the company value and investor return can increase.

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