Game Mechanics

Battle Of Leader consists of three different parts. These are the Battle Zone, the Arena, and the Training Ground. In-game modes are designed for players to improve themselves, understand game mechanics and earn rewards.

The game can be categorized as a survival game. There are two different camera angles in the game, FPS and TPS. Players can earn rewards and points based on many calculations such as killing each other with the characters they have, their survival time, and the percentage of hits of their shots in the game.

Battle of Leader is a free-to-play multiplayer game. Players do not need to purchase characters or different NFTs to play the game. The game is designed as a completely free and paid mode.

Players can have unique NFT assets such as costumes, weapon designs, bag designs that they will obtain from in-game drops. Apart from the in-game drops, players can buy the NFTs they want from the market section. Players must unlock NFT levels to be able to use the NFT assets they have purchased or acquired due to their achievements during the game. NFT usage level locks will be posted on the Battle Of Leader website.

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